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Community for expectant parents

of babies due in December 05

1/18/06 12:17 am - essyness - Pixs

New Parents


1/9/06 11:45 am - essyness - MEET

Meet Justin Ethan Santiago
Born Dec 8th 2005 at 3:11 am
7lbs 14 oz

10/6/05 12:00 pm - essyness - Hello

I just joined and wanted to say hello.
My name is Essy and my boyfriends name is Andrew.
We are proudly expecting a baby boy Dec 10,05 and his name will be Justin Ethan Santiago!

8/3/05 03:55 pm - billies_chick21 - Please Join Us!

click hereCollapse )

7/27/05 12:17 am - billies_chick21

ITS A....Collapse )

7/6/05 01:55 pm - billies_chick21

15 week belly pic!Collapse )

7/1/05 01:53 am - billies_chick21

im sure you have all heard your babys heartbeats by now, but i just heard mine for the first time today! it was so loud and strong. im proud of my little peanut, its going through a lot right now and doing just great! i get my first real ultrasound on 7/26/05 and my next dr. appt is 7/28/05. im really excited!

6/21/05 12:05 pm - babybluesky

Thursday we have our second official ultrasound appointment. I am so excited. I just love seeing my little munchkin move all around. We could find out what we're having than too, but we decided to wait and meet our surprise when they pop into the world. Oohh I can't wait!

6/27/05 08:50 pm - billies_chick21

HI! my name is Jaymie, im 19 and i will be 14 weeks pregnant on Thursday. my due date is December 28th and my fiance and i are very excited! good luck to everyone. hopefully this time will pass quickly for us, doesnt it just seem to drag!?

6/26/05 10:30 pm - madisonalive05 - hi im new to this community!

im 14 weeks and so exited this is my second child we think it could be twins so this mite be double fun !
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